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What To Expect At Your Visit

Your first visit to Powell Family Counseling is a time for you to begin to know us and how we operate, and for us to get to know you and your concerns. During your first visit, you can expect the counselor to inquire about concerns, inquire about your background, review our policies and procedures and answer your questions. 

HELPFUL HINTS for your 1st session:  

1. Bring the forms that your counselor asked you to fill out in advance, that they either mailed to you or requested you download from our website. 

2. Be prepared to pay for the session in full and request a receipt, if needed, for out-of-network submission. 

3. Make a list of ideas you want to talk about. 

4. Make a list of questions that you have. 

5. Remind yourself that asking questions during the session is a valuable thing to do. 

Your Visit: About Therapy
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